With fall at its peak and winter fast approaching, more and more people have been eager to bring their boots out from the depths of their closets and incorporate them into their own individual style.  Boots can be seen all around campus in the form of rain boots, cowboy boots, high heeled boots, riding boots, booties and more.  Boots have always been a fashion staple during cold weather not only for their ability to make a fashion statement, but also due to their functionality.  They protect the foot and leg from wet and cold weather, snow, mud, and they provide ankle support during extreme activity.
Fashionable boots usually have platform soles, heels, zippers, a wedge or fur trim, and come in many different colors. During the 1960s and 1970s, boots rose drastically in popularity but diminished over time. Today, though, boots are on the rise and are a “must have” for everyone’s wardrobe.  Popular
boots seen around Wofford’s beautiful campus include, Frye Boots, Uggs, Hunter rainboots and Steve Maddens.  Here we see Wofford student Mills Brown sporting her favorite winter boots outside of her dorm.  So as the winter winds grow stronger, be sure to protect your feet and spice up your wardrobe with a nice pair of boots!



As the temperatures drop this fall, many of us automatically reach for that cozy pashmina to wrap around our necks as we brace ourselves for the chilly morning walk to class.  The scarf has become a standard accessory here among Wofford girls, almost to the point that it isn’t given much thought.  But scarves have been appearing in various forms and functions this season on and off the runway.  With a return to Ladylike fashion, silk scarves have been tied around graceful necks and over heads ready to be paired with a string of pearls and cat-eye rims.  In similar trends, tie-front blouses hint to the trend of neckties for both men and women.  Not to leave the boys out, several scarves have been spotted around the necks of some very handsome fashionistos, such as Brad Pitt, Jack Gyllenhall and Kanye West, as well as the male runway lines of Bottega Veneta and Dolce and Gabanna.

So as we transition into the crisp days of fall (as inconsistent as SC weather is), try to incorporate the scarf into your wardrobe in a new, innovative way.  Go for a menswear inspired look by wearing a silk scarf as a necktie.  Or maybe combat a windy day with a scarf tied glamorously around your hair.  Create your own neck candy, like our very own Sarah Baldwin, who sews her own fanciful scarves.  Guys, don’t shy away from this toasty trend – throw a chunky cable knit scarf around your neck and quickly see the swoon from the fashion-forward ladies around campus.  All it takes is one risk to discover a new trend that you can incorporate with the staples of your closet. The possibilities are endless!


First and foremost, welcome to Quintessential Fashionista, a blog for lovers of fashion by lovers of fashion here on Wofford College’s campus.  We hope to use this blog to showcase the various fashion trends on our campus, as well as inspire new ones.

And what better way to start things off than by discussing the Hat.  We’ve all seen the abuse of headwear. Not enough time for a shower? Hair just looking too greasy today? Not enough hairspray to keep those precious locks in tact? The hat can often be treated as a “last resort” accessory instead of receiving its appropriate respect.  Have no fear, however, hats are turning heads on all of the fall fashion runways this season. Let’s also not forget the fabulous display of hats showcased at the Royal Wedding this past spring! Hats are a MUST in London with the latest fascinators being what makes women fascinating. With a lot of attention on London in recent months, it is no wonder the hat is once again on top as a fabulous accessory. The hats that are popular now are reminiscent of their first stronghold that can be traced back to the 70’s.

Not to be outdone by New York, London, or Paris, a few Fashionistas have been spotted on Wofford’s campus donning the quintessential fall headgear.  When asked where these headpieces hailed from, answers ranged from vintage stores in Berlin to the local Target, so this accessory is available to any fashionista willing to take a chance.  The real task is taking the fashion risk and trying a daring new style – maybe a felt wide-brim look or the tweedy, fall version of the fedora.  Be brave and wear it out!