As the temperatures drop this fall, many of us automatically reach for that cozy pashmina to wrap around our necks as we brace ourselves for the chilly morning walk to class.  The scarf has become a standard accessory here among Wofford girls, almost to the point that it isn’t given much thought.  But scarves have been appearing in various forms and functions this season on and off the runway.  With a return to Ladylike fashion, silk scarves have been tied around graceful necks and over heads ready to be paired with a string of pearls and cat-eye rims.  In similar trends, tie-front blouses hint to the trend of neckties for both men and women.  Not to leave the boys out, several scarves have been spotted around the necks of some very handsome fashionistos, such as Brad Pitt, Jack Gyllenhall and Kanye West, as well as the male runway lines of Bottega Veneta and Dolce and Gabanna.

So as we transition into the crisp days of fall (as inconsistent as SC weather is), try to incorporate the scarf into your wardrobe in a new, innovative way.  Go for a menswear inspired look by wearing a silk scarf as a necktie.  Or maybe combat a windy day with a scarf tied glamorously around your hair.  Create your own neck candy, like our very own Sarah Baldwin, who sews her own fanciful scarves.  Guys, don’t shy away from this toasty trend – throw a chunky cable knit scarf around your neck and quickly see the swoon from the fashion-forward ladies around campus.  All it takes is one risk to discover a new trend that you can incorporate with the staples of your closet. The possibilities are endless!