With fall at its peak and winter fast approaching, more and more people have been eager to bring their boots out from the depths of their closets and incorporate them into their own individual style.  Boots can be seen all around campus in the form of rain boots, cowboy boots, high heeled boots, riding boots, booties and more.  Boots have always been a fashion staple during cold weather not only for their ability to make a fashion statement, but also due to their functionality.  They protect the foot and leg from wet and cold weather, snow, mud, and they provide ankle support during extreme activity.
Fashionable boots usually have platform soles, heels, zippers, a wedge or fur trim, and come in many different colors. During the 1960s and 1970s, boots rose drastically in popularity but diminished over time. Today, though, boots are on the rise and are a “must have” for everyone’s wardrobe.  Popular
boots seen around Wofford’s beautiful campus include, Frye Boots, Uggs, Hunter rainboots and Steve Maddens.  Here we see Wofford student Mills Brown sporting her favorite winter boots outside of her dorm.  So as the winter winds grow stronger, be sure to protect your feet and spice up your wardrobe with a nice pair of boots!